During this tour we will know historical sites like the place where Mendoza was founded and the most recent monuments and green areas. Starting at the place where the city started originally, we will see the old main square called Pedro del Castillo and Saint Francis ruins, with enough time to have the option of visiting the local little aquarium. Immediately we will go on by the most important streets to reach the Civic Centre to see the Government House and the Hall of Justice. Trough residential areas, we will arrive to the biggest park of the city, called San Martin.

We will go into it by the main gates (a symbol of the city) and we will enjoy the pieces of art, the roses’ garden, the lake, and different social and sport clubs. Then we will visit the Glory Hill to watch the most impressive monument to Liberty, a tribute to the heroes that participated in the independence war.

Coming down the hill, we will see the Greek Theatre where we celebrate the harvest festival. To finish we will visit a church, called Our Lady of Lourdes. End of the tour.

Days out: Tuesday, Thursday, Saturdays and Sundays
Check Out: 16.00 hrs
Check In: 19.30 hrs
Rate per person: $40.00